Dan Stewart

Father of two has always been a keen artist, drawing and painting from a young age.

After having his first tattoo Dan was captivated with the art of tattooing.

At this time the industry was extremely difficult to get in so Dan followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the armed forces becoming a Royal Engineer.

In 2008 Dan left the Army to pursue a career as a Profession Boxer.


2012 was the year that Dan found himself in the right place at the right time. Avon Tattoo, where Martin gave him the opportunity to become a tattoo artist. 

One year after picking up a tattoo machine for the first time Dan was working his first convention and was awarded the best small colour tattoo.

Since then Dan has work many conventions in the UK and internationally becoming a multi award winning tattoo artist.

After a long stint at Avon Tattoo Dan found himself wanting to mix with other artist to push him creatively. Moving to NR Studios.

2019 Dan had the desire of having his own studio. After months of planning he created thINK Studio with one of his long time friends.